About Moon Shine Spills

Welcome to Moon Shine Spills, where the enchanting world of handmade resin crafts meets the mystique of witchcraft. My name echoes the magic within each carefully crafted piece, as I specialize in creating one-of-a-kind resin witch-themed items, witchcraft tools, altar decorations, and pendants.

Our Craft

At Moon Shine Spills, I believe in the power of creativity and the energy imbued in every creation. Each piece is a manifestation of our passion for the mystical, drawing inspiration from the artistry of witchcraft and the ethereal beauty of the moon. My handmade items are not just crafted; they are woven with intention and love.

The Art of Resin

My primary medium is resin, a versatile material that allows me to capture the essence of magic in every detail. I take pride in the meticulous process of mixing, pouring, and shaping, ensuring that every creation tells a unique story. The result is a collection of spellbinding items that bring a touch of enchantment into your daily life.

Witchcraft Tools and Altar Decorations

Whether you are a seasoned witch or a curious soul exploring the craft, my collection of witchcraft tools and altar decorations is designed to enhance your magical journey. From beautifully adorned trays to intricately crafted spirit boards, each piece is attuned to the energies of the craft, inviting you to weave your spells with intention and purpose.

Pendants with Purpose

My pendants are more than just accessories; they are talismans of personal power. Each pendant is a wearable piece of art, a reminder of the magic that resides within you. Choose from my carefully curated selection or collaborate with me to create a custom piece that reflects your unique energy.

Embrace the Uniqueness

What sets Moon Shine Spills apart is my commitment to individuality. No two pieces are alike, ensuring that your purchase is as unique as you are. Our creations celebrate diversity and the beauty that comes from embracing the different facets of the craft.

Connect with Us

Thank you for stepping into the magical realm of Moon Shine Spills. Explore my collections, and may you find the perfect piece that resonates with your spirit. For custom orders, inquiries, or just to share your magical journey, feel free to reach out. Together, let's weave a tapestry of enchantment.